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about us

HSAA expertise in giving ordinary looking space an extraordinary touch requires that God gifted art. It needs third eye vision and a willingness to take the boat into the deep ocean. Subhash Ahuja, CEO and Founder of Delhi’s Interior Design Company, H. S. Ahuja and Associates have the distinction of taking his dream beyond selling latest furniture to creating timeless interior impressions. The company has successfully created numerous luxurious houses, restaurants, hotels, Schools and Villas projects located all over India. Along with Mr. Subhash Ahuja, Chief Interior Designer Consultant MS. Hema has her expertise in completing more than 500 interior projects which are all different from each other. Her work on homes represents a new trend occurring among residential designs which seems to utilize more and more contemporary elements in giving the houses an ambience where one can experience peace of mind and relaxed body along with harmonious surroundings. The best way to glorify the design is to maximize the space view with the assembling of precious furniture with kitchen equipment and usage of special marble, stone, wood, curtains, glass and stainless steel by which quality work and craftsmanship can be shown resulting creating positive impact on one’s mind.The key to success in the interior design industry lies in providing the clients suitable services and guiding them according to their choice, locality and budget. In addition, instead of repeating the design concept again and again one should always innovate and design different concept for different client so that the particular project can be differentiated from others. A tailored facade and contemporary Interiors tailored to Individual tastes makes HSAA stand out amidst a concrete jungle. We here at HSAA give projects that are classical with contemporary to create a sumptuous space for our clientele. Holding true to its name HSAA design is a melange of traditionalism and modernity. With roots that go back to more than two decades the spirit of presence has guided HSAA quite well. As the name insinuates, we believe in adhering to principles and values of our rich cultural heritage. The exquisite design and fine craftsmanship showcases the vulnerable work and our involvement in our projects. As one of the leaders in the Industry we offer the customized solution to our clientele. We also provide contemporary, modern and ethnic furniture designs for Residence, office, restaurant, showrooms and other fine space requirements. The unmatched elegance and grandeur showcase a perfect blend of Luxury and comfort. In Addition the company also integrates environmental concerns into its daily business practices. It also ensures safety and hygiene of all the projects. A systematic approach is therefore applied to improve operations for better environmental performance, manufacturing efficiency and thereby increased customer satisfaction.