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Ceiling Design

Ceilings add a new dimension to the look and decor of any modern or classical interior. HSAA create a signature statement for your place with their unique design and patterns. NO interior can be completed without ceiling.

Ceilings are made using world glass gypsum plasterboards, genuine metal framing and accessories. The combination of all these offer several superior benefits over ceilings that are made locally from POP.

Curves: Curves has a naturally appealing elegance. When used in false ceiling, curves offer a pleasing sight to look at the suit a classic décor in your room.

Steps and Coffers: Simple patterns created with shifting levels and size, false ceiling with coffers and steps speak for them as a décor as well as facilitate diffused lighting to suit your moods.

Geometric ceiling: The geometric shapes often define a personality; nothing better to make a statement about yourself by the way your place looks.

Other Design Style: Endless Designs- endless possibilities; gypsum ceilings can be designed in a combination of various styles to suit your tastes.