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Design Concepts & Mood Boards

Concept is the initial stage of design, after developing the basic design concept and theme of a project we start with the planning so as to achieve the concept on scale. Concepts makes a designer characterize from common people. For every project our design team thinks of a different and a unique concept that makes it distinctive form others. We have peculiar designs for each wall, ceiling and flooring.

By concept we are able to define the Client’s goal and the users that will be using the space which leads to color selection, material specification, wall designing and type of furniture that has to be used. Once all of these are decided, it eases the making of the Mood board which is again an essential part in Interior Designing.

Mood board creates a visual vocabulary for us and the client which makes it easy to understand the objective of the design. It makes easy for the client to understand the design, the materials which we will be using matching to the colors which we have provided with. It is basically a board of all the thoughts and designs that will be used in the project.